Information of many car companies was publicly sold on the dark web

Recently, many car companies have suffered from information leakage, and lots of information of car owners has even been publicly sold on the dark web. On December 13th,2022, almost 130,000 Mercedes-Benz customers’ data was disclosed on the dark web. On June 23th, the sales data of Audi cars was sold, and the amount of data was said to be 1.79 million. In addition, on August 13th, the user data of China Changan Automobile Group was leaked, and the amount of data was said to over 2 million. These data were all in the dark web.

What is dark web?

As we all know, the glaciers at the North and South Pole look very majestic, and what we can see is only 10% of the iceberg, and 90% is below the water surface. And the information in the deep web is just like the 90% of the iceberg. The dark web forms a small part of the deep web. The information in the dark web could not be searched by ordinary search engines, and it requires the use of a special browser called Tor. The Tor browser routes your web page requests through a series of proxy servers around the world, leading your IP address unidentifiable and untraceable.

Overall, the dark web is a place for people to communicate with each other more anonymously. On the dark web, you can buy and sell all kinds of legal and illegal items, including guns, drugs, counterfeit money and stolen subscription credentials.

As an OSINT analyst, you may need to visit the dark web for following target persons and contents like terrorist activities and human traffickers, supporting law enforcement and intelligence agencies and so on.

To monitor dark web content, you can use Knowlesys Intelligence System, a professional public opinion monitoring system. The company is at the world's leading level in the field of network information collection. With years of experience, it has analyzed and processed thousands of websites and has unique experience in dark web information collection.

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