How to gather social media intelligence?

Social media intelligence (SOCMINT) is a subfield of open source intelligence (OSINT), which refers to information gathered from social media. Due to the wealth of useful information available, social media have become a focus of online open source investigations.

For example, you have the potential to obtain a wealth of personal information about anyone in the world just by opening a Facebook page. Such information typically includes the target person's political views on Facebook, religion, ethnicity, country of origin, personal images and videos, spouse's name (or marital status), home and work addresses, places frequently visited, social activities, jobs, education, dates of important events, and other social events. All of this can be found on one Facebook profile.

Knowlesys Intelligence System is developed based the world's leading open source intelligence extraction technology, with the advantages of quick identification and full coverage. It enables users to monitor the whole Internet, including social media(Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram...), traditional websites (Forum, Chat Room, News...) and dark web in a timely manner.