Government need to obtain open source intelligence from social media

With the rapid development of technology, the content and scope of intelligence have been greatly different from before. Only relying on traditional secret intelligence can no longer meet our current needs. We need both traditional secret intelligence and more open source intelligence, exploring a wide application space for intelligence.

Open source intelligence(OSINT) can be applied to many fields and organizations, including the marketing and research and development departments of some private companies, as well as the military, security and law enforcement departments of the government.

In terms of government departments, there are mainly open source counterintelligence work, situational assessments of regional human geography and security risks through OSINT, prevention of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, transnational humanitarian assistance, anti-terrorism, anti-fraud, network security and combating networks crime, combating human trafficking crimes, etc.

In the past, to collect intelligence and find out the identity or organization of the target person, basically we could only rely on active reconnaissance. But now we can use face recognition to import the face into the database, cross-contrast it with the photo information of the target person monitored from Knowlesys Intelligence System on social media, and quickly identify his identity. The customs department can also use face recognition to quickly determine whether the entry personnel have a criminal record and whether they will pose a threat to national security.

Knowlesys Intelligence System, a professional OSINT monitoring system. The company is at the world's leading level in the field of Internet information collection. With years of experience, it has analyzed and processed thousands of websites and has unique experience in social media information collection.

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