Social Network Monitoring & Analysis

Knowlesys Intelligence System provides an optional social network analysis module to accommodate premium clients' requirements for social network analysis.


Smart phones and tablets have boomed around the world in the last few years and outnumbered desktops. Thanks to the convenience for tweeting via smart phones and tablets, people are able to communicate with each other and briefly post their news and thoughts any where, any time. As a result, microblog becomes more and more important.

Share of Smart Phone

Monitoring Coverage
Top three microblogs across the globe -- Facebook, Twitter,, and other microblogging websites, e.g. QQ and Sohu.

Monitored Contents

content, author, posting time, posted website, collection time, key word;
number of replies, forwarding counts;
number of author's friends or fans, author's total posts, author's authentication information, ...

sina weibo

Analysis Targets
analysis of author's social networks, circles and contents....

Social Network Analysis Social Circle Analysis Microblog Content Analysis


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