Which countries have the most WeChat app downloads and the highest in-app revenue share?

WeChat (known as Weixin in China) is a mobile messaging application that is expected to reach 1.671 billion monthly active users in 2023, an increase of 8.43% over the number of users in 2022. It is considered the leading app in China in terms of monthly active users and the fifth most popular social media app in the world. With WeChat's global success, it is valued at $62 billion.

Which country has the most downloaded WeChat app?

China has the largest number of WeChat app downloads. While WeChat is predominantly used by Chinese users, it also has users in other countries such as the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. These countries contributed 7.3 million app downloads, with the US contributing the most.

China has the most WeChat app downloads with 66.31 million in 2022; followed by the US with 2.08 million. Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam also saw significant growth in the number of WeChat users.

Which country has the highest share of WeChat in-app revenue?

China had the highest share of WeChat's In-App Purchase (IAP) revenue at $55.97 million, or 91% of the total.

China has the largest WeChat in-app purchases revenue of $55.97 million in 2022. Other important markets for WeChat include the United States, Hong Kong and Canada, which generated $3.7 million in IAP revenue.