Tools for face search

1. Google Images

Visit the Google image search page and click on the camera icon on the page to reverse the image search.

Alternatively, simply add "&imgtype=face" to the end of the search term in the Google Image search box to allow Google to search for face images.

2. Knowlesys Intelligence System

By uploading an image, users can search the source pages that contain this image, including the articles, messages and author profiles from social websites, news websites and so on.

Knowlesys Intelligence System is an all-in-one web intelligence monitoring system. It will help users mine massive information from social media and turn them into actionable intelligence by automatic analysis and manual processing. It enables users to monitor the entire web in a timely manner.

3. FaceCheck.ID

ID website allows you to search a person's social media profiles, online accounts, etc. by uploading a photo of their face, with four levels of accuracy.

4. PimEyes

PimEyes is an online search engine based on face recognition technology. Users search for additional images or information related to an image by uploading a picture, or by entering the URL of the image.

5. Everypixel

The highlight of Everypixel's feature is the recognition of people's age. The site processes and analyzes images of people's faces to extract key features such as facial contours, wrinkles, and skin texture, and then compares these features with pre-trained models to infer a person's age. The site also supports the recognition of multiple people's ages in a single image.

The site can also analyze photos to give a set of key words, such as "outdoor", "smile", "happiness", etc., to help users understand the picture contains more information.