TelegramRAT: A powerful Telegram-based remote communication access control tool

TelegramRAT is a powerful Telegram-based remote communication access control tool with cross-platform features, which can realize remote communication between the console and the target device through Telegram and realize remote access control functions.

Function introduction

1. Execute Shell commands directly in Bot;

2. Support downloading files from the client;

3. Support getting system information of the client;

4. Support to get the client's geographic location information;

5. Support capturing screenshots;

6. Support to get URL (download files from URL)


Since the tool is based on pure Python development, we first need to install and configure the Python environment on the local device. Next, you can clone the project's source code locally using the following command:

git clone

Help menu

HELP MENU: Coded By Machine1337

CMD Commands | Execute CMD / Shell commands directly from the Bot

cd ... | Change current working directory

cd foldername | Switch to the target folder

download filename | Download a file from a target

Screenshot | Capture a screenshot

Info | Get system information

Location | Get the location of the target

get url | Download file from URL (Provide direct URL)

How to use

1. Go to Telegram and search for;

2. Create Bot and get API_TOKEN;

3, Now search for and get the chat_id;

4, Open, locate line 16 and line 17, and write API_TOKEN and chat_id in it;

5. Run python on Windows or python3 on Linux;

6, Open the Bot you just created and just type and send commands directly into the message input box

License agreement

This project is developed and released under the Apache-2.0 open source license agreement.

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