MAPSDUMPER: An information collection tool for Google Map location points

MAPSDUMPER is an information-gathering tool for Google Map locator points. The tool is powerful enough to help researchers quickly dump detailed address information from Google Map locator points, which includes information such as cell phone numbers, email addresses, websites, and reviews.


The current version of MAPSDUMPER supports the following information from a map location point:

1. Obtain address information;

2. Obtain cell phone numbers;

3. Obtain website information;

4. Get comment information;

5. Get the date of the comment;

6. Get the number of likes for each comment.


1. Windows or Linux operating system;

2. The latest version of Google Chrome;

3. A YouTube account.


Since the tool is based on JavaScript development and requires the use of Node, we first need to install and configure the latest version of the NodeJS environment on the local device.

Next, the project's source code can be cloned locally using the following command:

git clone

How to run?

Once the installation is complete, switch to the project directory in a terminal window and execute the following commands to install the other dependent components required by the tool:

cd mapsdumper npm install

Finally, just execute the tool script using the following command:

node index.js

Video link of the tool demo:

License Agreement

This project is developed and distributed under the MIT Open Source License Agreement.

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