How to use threat intelligence to monitor criminal activity on the dark web? (2)

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Threat intelligence gathering techniques and Tools

Cybersecurity analysts use a variety of techniques when gathering intelligence on the dark web. Some of these techniques are listed below:

· Information gathering:

The information gathering phase is about collecting as much information as possible about the organization. During the information gathering phase, the keywords to be searched on the dark web should be researched and a list of keywords should be prepared. Create extensive lists of keywords about the organization by using publicly available sources (e.g., the name of the organization, its affiliated subsidiaries, and social media accounts). Google Dork, Ubersuggest, and Keyword Tool can be used for keyword research.

· Open source intelligence (OSINT):

One of the best ways to gather information. The most important part of gathering information using OSINT is identifying the source. These sources include dark web forums, social media platforms, marketplaces, or search engines designed for dark web searches.

· Identify potential threat actors and attack vectors:

Hacktivists, cybercriminals, or state-sponsored participants should be identified, along with vulnerabilities in networks or software that attackers can target. It is also important to identify potential attack vectors such as phishing and social engineering.

· Dark web marketplaces and forums:

Marketplaces typically sell services such as stolen data, malware, hacking tools, and phishing campaigns. Marketplaces should be identified first to gather intelligence. Each marketplace has its own search function and interface. Identify the data to be searched for in relation to malware, hacker organizations or cyberattack methods and collect the data. Forums are communities where cybercriminals can discuss and share information on a variety of topics.

They provide valuable information about threat intelligence as well as clues about how to conduct cyberattacks. When selecting a forum, you can choose between public and private forums. To access private forums, an invitation is required. DarkSearch or OnionSearch are dark web search engines that can be used to increase the number of forums. Selected forums should be monitored for certain periods of time. It is useful to gather intelligence by interacting with the community and maintaining contact with cybercriminals.

· Analyze the data collected:

Data should be analyzed to ensure the accuracy of the goals, objectives, methods, and information collected by attackers on the dark web. In data analysis, the collected data is categorized and analyzed. The analysis process varies depending on the type and source of data. Data mining and machine learning techniques can be used at this stage.

· Prioritize and report findings:

Prioritization is the categorization of the intelligence collected. This will make it easier for the organization to decide which threat to act on first. Reporting is used to inform the organization about cybersecurity issues and enable management to make the right decisions.

Navigating the complex dark web environment can be difficult. With the use of the Tor Browser, organizations can gain valuable information about the tactics and techniques used by cybercriminals on the Dark Web.

The Tor Browser is the most widely used web browser for dark web access and uses layers of encryption. Dark web forums, marketplaces, and other sites can be navigated using the Tor Browser.