How to find an email address?

In the field of open source intelligence, finding email addresses is crucial for activities such as understanding target subjects, conducting investigations and analysis. In this article, we will introduce 4 platforms for looking up company or individual email addresses, which usually use various public sources (social media, forums, etc.) to collect email addresses, and can maximize the accuracy of the results and save investigation time.

1. Hunter

The Hunter website helps users find email addresses through a variety of methods, including company name, name, and job title. At the same time, the site will provide a confidence score for the search results, if a green tip appears, it means that there is a 90-95% chance that the email address is accurate.

2. Findthat

Findthat provides a variety of ways to find an email address, and also allows you to look up the owner's name by email address.

3. Lusha

Lusha not only finds email addresses, but also phone numbers and social media accounts. Note that the site is free to use 5 times a month.

4. Anymail Finder

The Anymail Finder website is free to use 90 times and only charges for valid email addresses. Users can also upload a list of emails to be verified to see how many emails are valid.