Darknet Parliament has arrived

Recently, "Darknet Parliament" has become the latest buzzword for cybercriminals trying to prove their influence, and security insiders have taken an interest in the term.

On June 16, 2023, the infamous pro-Russian hacking group Killnet used the phrase in its telegraphic threat posts. Subsequently, the Twitterverse attracted a number of security personnel, all expressing curiosity about the unheard-of moniker of the hacker government group.

According to a threatening post from Killnet, it said it would destroy the European banking system starting Friday with the help of pro-Russian hacker groups Anonymous Sudan and REvil. Anonymous Sudan and Revil are presumably part of the Darknet Parliament.

Killnet's post, which reads a bit like a government briefing, reads as follows:

× 72 hours ago, three heads of hacker groups from Russia and Sudan held a regular meeting in the DARKNET parliament and came to a common decision.

× SOLUTION № 0191

- Today, we are starting to impose sanctions on the European banking transfer systems SEPA, IBAN, WIRE, SWIFT, WISE.

Threat intelligence platform FalconFeedsio first posted about how Darknet Parliament is quickly becoming a popular keyword among threat analysts on Twitter. The tweet said, "DARKNET parliament has emerged as a trending keyword among Threat Analysts following the revelation of a meeting by the hacking group KillNet".

FalconFeedsio said the meeting involved the heads of three groups, including representatives from Revil and Anonymous Sudan.

While some on social media may find the term amusing, the threat posed by the three hackers is real. Anonymous Sudan republished the message on its wire channel Friday. Russian hackers have announced that they will launch a massive attack on the Western financial system in the next 48 hours. The first task is to paralyze SWIFT.

According to the latest information obtained, people from KillNet, Revil and Anonymous Sudan organizations are united in this campaign and they plan to repel these madmen according to this formula: no money - no weapons - no Kiev regime. Targets include European and US banks, SWIFT and the US Federal Reserve System.

Killnet announced late on the morning of June 16 that the attack was underway, but had not encountered any problems loading the Swift website before this report was published, nor had there been any reports of Swift users having problems using the global digital payments platform.

According to its website, Swift is the world's leading provider of secure financial information services, offering payment services to 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries.

In one of the latest warning postings, it is mentioned that they will also target European payment systems SEPA and IBAN, as well as the standard international bank account numbering system, wire transfer operations, and foreign exchange technology company Wise.

The hacker group UserSec has also reissued a warning from Darknet Parliament, indicating that it is likely to join the cyberattack. UserSec has worked with Killnet and Anonymous Sudan in the past, and has previously targeted NATO.