Browser plug-ins commonly used in the open source intelligence process

Firefox Containers:

Isolates specific sites in the tab that cannot see the settings of other sites.

uBlock Origin:

Blocks loading of unwanted scripts.


Automatically downloads bulk media.

Bulk Media Downloader:

Automatically downloads bulk media.


Downloads media from a page with a single button click.


Generates screenshots of parts and entire web pages.


Alternative screen capture for large web pages.


New alternative screen capture option for HTML files.

Exif Viewer:

Recognizes metadata embedded in photos.

User-Agent Switcher and Manager:

Emulates various browsers and devices.

Image Search Options:

Performs automatic reverse image search.

Search By Image:

Alternative tool for reverse image search.

Resurrect Pages:

Enables historical search of deleted sites.

Web Archives:

Searches for archived versions of the current site.

Copy Selected Links:

Quickly copies all hyperlinks on a website.


Collapses or expands tabs into individual resources.

Stream Detector:

Identifies embedded video streams for archiving.