Advantages and features of Baidu Tieba

What are Baidu Tieba's main advantages?

As an online forum, its main function is to connect people with similar interests, but there are two main qualities that set it apart from its main competitors:

1. Baidu Tieba is backed by Baidu and has the ability to rank its forums high in searches and provide high visibility to online users.

2. Baidu uses search keywords to effectively and accurately segment the interests of online users.

These are two of Baidu Tieba's main strengths, and ones that many competitors could not easily replicate even if they tried. The majority of Baidu Tieba's traffic comes from Baidu searches (about 40% of the total), with direct traffic coming in only second place at 24%. This means that top-ranked bars (which you may know as sub from Reddit) or Tieba posts on Baidu get a lot of natural traffic.

What are Baidu Tieba's main features?

Here are some of the unique features of Baidu Tieba that you can incorporate into your strategy as you build or grow your brand in China.

Interactive and content-driven nature

The interesting thing about Baidu Tieba is that it's not really a user-driven platform, but rather content-driven. This means you don't have to be a Chinese KOL to get favored by the algorithm or keep your topics active.

Once you post content that is interesting and resonates with your target audience, it stays alive and your posts shared by other users and interest groups will drive more traffic to your topic. The platform allows for engagement and interaction, and you can post anything on it, from Q&As to short stories, videos, and more.

Best of all, everything is real-time. As far as you're concerned, your content can't just be what you post and hide. You need to stay active on the platform to keep people interested in your company. It takes a lot of work, but, as we mentioned before, it should all pay off.

Baidu Tieba is vertically structured, with a "Tieba host" for each topic

The vertical structure means that each topic is managed by its own Tieba host, who is the main coordinator, moderator and administrator of each community.

How to become a Tieba host?

To become a Tieba host (called Bazhu), you need to have a good reputation as well as a lot of good content and positive comments. However, when it comes to foreign brands, you can try to create a niche topic, such as a community centered around your brand, with its own Tieba host. In this way, you will be able to manage your Tieba and gain insight into your brand's customers.

Having your own Tieba is one of the most effective ways to build a good e-reputation as you can reply to comments, interact with your audience and understand their needs for your brand.

Reach out to the local community

Baidu Tieba's biggest advantage is access to local communities through its billions of users. Of course, what better way to interact with them than to understand the different terms used on the platform?

You need to know terms like experience points, level, Tieba host, Tieba rules, add to digest, and friends list. Baidu Tieba uses a system of experience points that is a measure of your tenure, or more accurately, your seniority on the platform. You can boost your experience value by continuously logging into the platform, posting, replying to posts, organizing polls, participating in polls, and interacting with others.

Once you have accumulated enough experience points, you can upgrade and further increase your seniority in the platform. Each time you upgrade, you will be rewarded with special privileges. You will also receive status badges based on your seniority to display to everyone.

Finally, you can connect with other Tiebas by adding them as friends. This will further promote interactivity within Tieba.