What KIS can do for you
The users work on KIS platform based on millions of content they are interested in and find the few sensitive/valuable OSINT automatically by AI training/prediction and sentiment analysis.
Thousands of keywords or hashtags
Thousands of key opinion leaders
Thousands of target websites
Thousands of target locations
You Set
Intelligence Reports
accurately, quickly and automatically
You Get
A single spark can start a prairie fire
The best way to manage a negative public relations incident or negative viral social media activity is to be prepared by planning ahead.
KIS OSINT Monitoring
You'll get an early warning when people start talking about your interested topics on social media with keywords or hashtags, before snowballing into a bigger problem.
User Pain Points
  • How to spot negative information quickly?
  • How to keep track of target account dynamics?
  • How to monitor short videos?
  • How to listen to the public's point of view?
  • How to identify fake accounts?
  • How to grasp the propagation path and KOL of an event?
  • How to automatically discover current hotspots?
  • How to get back deleted social media messages?
KIS OSINT Monitoring
You'll get an early warning when people start talking about your interested topics on social media with keywords or hashtags, before snowballing into a bigger problem.


Early Warning
Intelligence Discovery
Real-time discovery of sensitive OSINT in text, images, and videos across the network is achieved by pre-defining customer target websites, locations, metrics, and keywords.
Intelligence And Early Warning
Al technology automatically identifies sensitive OSINT that needs to be alerted and notifies users at the minute level. Generating real-time open source intelligence (OSINT).
Intelligence Analysis
Through content analysis, author analysis, event spread analysis, fake account analysis, hot spot analysis, geographic location analysis, sentiment analysis, KOL analysis, facial recognition analysis etc., to achieve all-round insight into information to meet various analysis needs of users. Accelerate investigations to minutes instead of days.
Intelligence Collaboration
Enrich the types of data needed for reporting through data collaboration among team members. Accelerate workflows by tickets, broadcast, and messages.
Intelligence Report
Generate the fact report or subject report with one-click, also support daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, with format of HTML, WORD, EXCEL, PPT. Generate open source intelligence (OSINT) reports in minutes instead of days.
OSINT - intelligence discovery OSINT - early warning OSINT - intelligence analysis OSINT - collaboration OSINT - intelligence report
Planning And DirectionCollection
Intelligence Circle
DisseminationAnalysis And ProductionProcessing And Exploitation
  • Supports all major social media and websites.
  • Scan up to 1 billion data per day.
  • Capture global multilingual all-media content.
  • Discover sensitive OSINT in 10 seconds.
  • Complete one-time data collection tasks in less than 10 minutes.
  • 365*24 hours real-time monitoring, early warning in 5 minutes.
  • Template-based social data collection with 100% accuracy.
  • Intelligent extraction of article metadata with 99% accuracy.
  • Al-based automatic sensitive OSINT judgment with 96% accuracy.
  • Modular cluster architecture, stable operation all year round.
  • Adopt mature technologies and standardized components.
  • Provide system monitoring panel and online support for IT personnel.
OSINT - monitoring dashboard
OSINT - monitor suspected negative articles
View Suspected Negative Articles
OSINT - analyze author relationships
Link Analysis for One Website Group
OSINT - X(Twitter) location
Check Where The Tweets Came From
OSINT - face search
Face Search
OSINT - Twitter author analysis
Twitter Author Analysis